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”NEXs Tokyo” is looking for startups that are aiming to expand their business in Japan and abroad,
and member partners and mentors to support the startups.

Purpose of NEXs Tokyo

We aim to create further innovation and promote industry by forming a wide-area startup ecosystem
that transcends the barriers of industry,
industry and region based on the new community of NEXs Tokyo.

Model case of using
NEXs Tokyo

A model case of cooperation in
a “start-up from the region“

Case Summary
  • Through NEXs Tokyo, member companies that want to expand their recognition and media exposure from the local area to the Tokyo metropolitan area can organize PR information through consulting with the matching concierge, or participate in events to connect with the media.
  • By using a matching concierge who is familiar with both the company and the media as an intermediary, we are able to make matches that are more in line with the business.
Increasing awareness and
sales channels
in the Japan’s
greater Tokyo area

A model case of collaboration in
“Startups from Tokyo“

Case summary
  • Member companies can make proposals while receiving advice on tips and know-how of sales materials from the local government as appropriate.
  • Registered partners will be able to easily provide solutions for their own governmental issues.
Demonstration experiment
in local governments

NEXs Tokyo
community space
concept “LIVE PARK”.

It is free of charge for those who are registered
as a member start-up, mentor or partner.

Introduction to Community Space

Sign up for
free membership
as a
member starter

NEXs Tokyo is always looking for startups
that are willing to expand their business both domestically and internationally as members.
Member startups are eligible to receive support from NEXs Tokyo for 18 months after registration.

  • Startup companies in Tokyo and other parts of Japan (outside Tokyo)
Benefits of
Membership Startup
  • MERIT 01

    Support by Business and
    Community Professionals

    Our “matching concierges” with expert knowledge in their respective fields
    will be at NEXs Tokyo to consult with start-ups on their business issues
    (e.g. fundraising, PR, branding, etc.) and to help match them with the partners and mentors mentioned below.

    Matching Concierge
    NEXs Tokyo provides practical support to startups and ventures for business creation and formation, and matches them with partners and mentors, in collaboration with local governments and key people in various parts of Japan. In addition to managing the facilities to ensure a pleasant experience for all who use NEXs Tokyo, we also provide hands-on support for the development of a community of members, including startups, partners, and mentors, as well as for the planning and operation of various events and information dissemination.
  • MERIT 02

    Matching with a

    A variety of opportunities will be provided for each objective and theme,
    such as brushing up business models and collaboration needs by partners and mentors,
    sharing collaboration needs with partners, etc. In addition, after brushing up collaboration needs,
    matching partners will be introduced individually.

    • Membership Partners
      Local governments, government agencies, support institutions, universities, research institutes, VCs, financial institutions, corporations, media
      List of Member Partners
    • Member Mentors
      Senior entrepreneurs, professionals (e.g., lawyers, tax accountants), investors, and individuals in organisations and groups.
      List of Member Mentors
    Matching Examples
    “TabeChoku” supports
    the expansion of sales channels
    for producers
    in cooperation
    with Saga Prefecture.
    Vivid Garden Inc.
    Rina Akimoto,
    President and Representative Director
    2-16-8, Fumedai, Minato-ku, Tokyo
    Development and operation of “TabeChoku”,
    a marketplace for special dietary foods and “TabeChoku Pro”,
    an ordering service for restaurants.

    Vivid Garden, a company selected for the JUMP course of the NEXs Tokyo Model Business Creation Program, has started an initiative to support the expansion of sales channels for producers in Saga Prefecture in collaboration with Saga Prefecture (hereinafter referred to as “Saga Prefecture Product Distribution Design Corporation”) through its online marche “TabeChoku”, which allows users to purchase products directly from selective producers.

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membership application form.

※There is a screening process for membership registration.

Register for Free
as a member
partner or mentor

NEXs Tokyo is always looking for member partners and mentors
who would like to collaborate with startups that are trying to expand their business to a wide area in Japan and abroad.
It is possible to use the functions of NEXs Tokyo and collaborate with us according to the purpose of participation.

Target audience
  • Local governments
  • research institutes
  • universities
  • venture capital firms
  • financial institutions
  • corporations
  • media
  • other support organizations
  • individuals with a proven track record in supporting start-ups
Benefits for Member
Partners and Mentors
  • MERIT 01

    Disseminate, collect,
    and share information
    related to startups.

    We are able to introduce
    our initiatives for supporting startups by appearing
    on our official website and in online salons.

  • MERIT 02

    Matching with startups
    aiming for wide area development

    Through participation in matching
    events and individual matching,
    we will introduce you to startups
    that match your needs for collaboration.

    Member Startup List

If you would like to participate in the project
as a partner or mentor,
please contact the Management Office.

Click here to apply to be the Membership
Partner or Mentor.(Contact Form)

※After your inquiry, we will have a meeting to discuss
the linkage with NEXs Tokyo before registration.

※There is a screening process for membership registration.